Yellow Corn


Maize or corn is the 3rd largest crop which is grown in India, the 1st two being rice and wheat. Yes, this yellow corn which is grown in majority of Indian fields is highly famous for nutrition values and is used vastly in the food industries. Mainly, yellow corn is used for animal feed as well as for human consumption.

With transparent dealings and ethical business polices, Mamta Hygiene has been able to manufacture as well as supply a wide range of yellow corn not only in the Indian market but also abroad.

Believe us, these corns are extremely nutritious. Our packaging is done in such a manner that no damage is caused whatsoever to the quality. Being rich in nutritive values, our yellow corns don’t contain any sort of impurities. For delivering complete client satisfaction, we offer Yellow corn of the highest quality and that too within a very short period of time.

Moreover, our prices are extremely competitive and you can bank on us for it.

Moisture 14% max
Weevilled Damaged 2% max
Broken 3% max
Foreign Matter 1% max
Discoloured/Immature 3% max
Admixture 1% max
Aflatoxin 20 PPBMax