Wheat Flour


Wheat flour is used by every individual in India. Wheat flour in India is one of the staple foods after rice. The best thing about wheat flour is that it should be soft and easily bendable. At Mamta Hygiene Products Pvt Ltd, our wheat flour is very healthy and helps in reducing weight at the same time. We Provide Wheat flour which is high in quality and is finely grounded. Moreover, it is free from all kind of impurities.

This flour is demanded by most of the clients hence as wheat flour exporters and suppliers provide this to every part of the world. We being one of the leading Wheat flour manufacture ensure that are flour is very soft and fresh.

Key Features

  • Very soft and healthy
  • Affordable price
  • Pure and chemical free
  • Traded worldwide


Whole Wheat Flour
Moisture 13.5 %
Total Ash 0.40-1.0% Max
Water Absorption 62% and above
Gluten 28%
Crude Fiber 2.3-2.5%
Alcoholic Acidity 0.08% max
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.08-0.1% max
Protein 11-12%
Carbohydrates 73.0 gms
Fats 1.70 gms
Fibers 11.0 gms
Minerals 1.80 gms
Super Tandoori Atta
Moisture 10%
Total Ash 1.4-1.6 % Max
Water Absorption 60-62%
Gluten 10-11%
Crude Fiber 1.1-1.35%
Alcoholic Acidity 0.08-0.085% max
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.02-0.03% max
Protein 10.5-11.25%