Pusa Basmati Rice


Pusa Basmati Rice is the fourth premium quality rice which we bring for all our clients in India and worldwide. Pusa Basmati Rice in India is very much used by people who have rice on daily basis. This is one of the healthiest rice which is preferred by most of the people as it does not put on weight and also keeps the stomach full. People like to have it because of its broken ratio, rich taste and the aroma it gives when cooked. There are a lot of Pusa Basmati Rice exporters and suppliers in India , but we are the best in the lot who provide best quality rice at affordable rates.

We being one of the leading Pusa Basmati Rice Manufacturer see to it that we have a range of options for our clients when it comes to Basmati rice..

Key Features

  • Fat free and healthy
  • Well packed in cartons
  • Perfect in quality
  • Range of options in brand