FEED WHEAT Manufacturers

Wheat has always been one of the most ruminant diet which replaces most of the food products for animals like corn and barley. Among the different kind of options we have in animal feeds, the hard winter wheat is generally opted by most of our clients as it offers high protein. Whereas the soft white wheat offers almost 15% of protein which is much lower. Animal like the smell of wheat and also like to have it on regular basis. We have different brands and quality with us in wheat ranging from low priced to the highly priced wheat for animals.

You can always take a visit to our farm to check on the way we cultivate these crops. The machines which we use to beat and power the wheat are most advanced with distinctive feature. There are experts kept to monitor each and every process in detail which helps us in offering you with the best quality wheat for your cattleā€™s. If you make use of wheat rather than choosing for other grains it will help your cattle for a smooth digestion process.